Big bag holder adjustable

Big bag holder that is placed directly on the ground and is completely independent of the pallet.

  • The big bag holder is designed to be placed directly on the ground. Which makes it completely independent of the pallet and gives you maximum flexibility in placement and use. In addition, it can be raised and lowered and can be extended, which makes it easy to adapt it to different needs and projects.
  • It can be used for both 1m³ and 2m³ big bags and is a versatile tool that also functions as effective transport securing of goods.
  • With the option to easily remove the stand to lift the bag with a truck or wheel loader, handling becomes smooth and efficient.
  • To guarantee long-lasting performance and protection against rust, our big bag holders are surface-treated with either zinc or powder coating. This carefully executed treatment not only improves durability, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • In addition, they are manufactured in Sweden with precision and expertise to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Feel free to complete your big bag holder with a big bag from us to ensure a complete and efficient material handling solution. With our range of large sacks and big bags, we can meet your specific needs and requirements and giving you a complete solution for your business.

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