Pallet Cover

Pallet covers for both full and half pallets. Our pallet covers are of high quality with materials from Sweden and Europe. The pallet covers are flame-resistant and manufactured according to REACH requirements. We offer tailored covers in PVC fabric as well as digitally printed ones.

  • Shaped in PVC fabric and fully dyed in colors that are easy to keep clean.
  • 4-pallet and larger pallet covers have openings with velcro which means you can easily put on the pallet cover, move the pallet or use the space under the pallet.
  • Can be provided with logo in screen printing.
  • Available in standard 250 gram/m² and 550 gram/m² and a variety of colors.
  • Digitally printed pallet covers are printed in a white PVC canvas at 510 grams/m², in whole or in part – with images, logos, or background colors.
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Pallöverdrag och pallskydd till Pallben 85 cm med tillhörande lastpall och pallöverdrag.